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Pennsylvania has a wide variety of fish, from coldwater trout to the warmwater varieties like bluegill, catfish and crappies. All are fun to catch—whether it’s a frigid early spring day or a hot summer afternoon. Fishing is great for the whole family.


Create a fish! Draw, paint or create your version of our state fish, the Brook Trout, and enter it into the annual State-Fish Art Contest.

Learn to fish!

Borrow a fishing pole and tackle kit at your local state park.

Make your own fish print. Fish printing or Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese art. You can use real fish that you caught or use rubber fish. Check it out here. You can order rubber fish replicas here.


What to Read

Learn a little more about fish while curling up with a good book.


Field Guides

  • Golden Guide to Fishes
  • Peterson First Guide to Fishes of North America
  • Pocket Naturalist Guide to Freshwater Fishes
  • Peterson Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of North Amercia


Other Cool Pages

Pa. Fish & Boat Commission


State Symbol

Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis)



Exploring Careers Outdoors (ECO) Camp – If you’re a high school and are interested in a career in the natural sciences or conservation ECO Camp is for you. You’ll meet and get to interact with professionals; such as foresters, wildlife biologists, geologists and many others; all while recreating in beautiful state parks. You’ll also be able to choose a mentor. The mentor can help connect you to future camp, volunteer or job opportunities, they could write a letter of recommendation for college or even help you navigate the state hiring process. Apply today!


Get Involved

Become a conservation volunteer