Pennsylvania is a beautiful state. There are so many places throughout the commonwealth that are a sight to behold! Our outdoors are here for everyone to visit and appreciate. Here are some suggested spots.

Birding and Nature Observation

Bird watching and nature observation are uses that occur throughout Pa.'s public lands and the best locations for these activities depend on the habitat requirements of the species involved. The Audubon Society has designated certain areas of state forest land with unique or unusual bird species as Important Bird Areas. Fly over here for more information.

A major assest in the Pennsylvania Wilds region, elk viewing draws more than 80,000 visitors per year. In September 2010, to enhance the wildlife watching experience, DCNR opened the Elk Country Visitor Center in Bennezette. This page has more information.

Some ideas for where to find birding and other wildlife watching place in Pa.'s state parks can be found here.

The dark skies of Cherry Springs State Park allow for stargazers to peer deep into the galaxy (and beyond) for the beauty of the universe. Amateur astronomers are welcome, with events tied to the celestial calendar. Gaze here for more information.

Scenic views

Both state parks and state forests have areas that attract visitors to take in the sights. A great place to start finding a scenic spot is by region. For state parks, gaze here. For state forests, take a peek here.

GO OUTSIDE: Go to this map to find scenic views in a state park near you!

Scenic driving

Car trips can seem long and boring to kids, but it's a great family activity when you only have a day to spareā€”and it'll likely turn out to be a day they won't forget. Scenic driving is one of the largest recreational use of state forest lands. Most recreational users participate in this activity coming to and from the state forest, but for many this is the sole purpose of their visit. Autumn is a particularly special time to drive around Pennsylvania's state forests, but any day is a good day to pile into the car and be a Sunday driver in Penn's Woods. Drive over here for more information.

A popular drive in the PA Wilds region of Pennsylvania is the Elk Scenic Drive. Elk have been back in Pa. for over a hundred years now, and they're definitely worth watching. Amble over here for more information.

GO OUTSIDE: Go to this map to find sightseeing opportunities in a state park near you!